Monday, February 4, 2013

Shape Fitter birthday contest winner: FeetHarpist!

The winner of the Shape Fitter 1y birthday contest is found! Surprisingly, despite the vast popularity of the contest (n=1), the winner of both categories was found from the same place. Congratulations FeetHarpist!

The official results:

Category 1: Great minds think alike
Winner: FeetHarpist
Selected level: 42 Harshad

Category 2: Speech is silver, creativity is gold
Winner: FeetHarpist
Selected level: 42 Harshad
I've known that the number 42 has some special meanings and this Shape Fitter level just added one more. After misspelling the name as "Harsh ad", "Car's had", "Hers hat", "Hairs had", "Jar's cad", "Mars sad" and "Sars mad", I finally turned into Google and found the true meaning of "Harshad". 

Thank you D. R. Kaprekar! Numbers 42, 81, 112, 135, 195 and of course also all the other fellows are truly excellent joy-givers!

- FeetHarpist

Once again, congratulations FeetHarpist for winning the both categories of the first ever Shape Fitter contest! The highly desired prizes will be delivered to you shortly!

Level 42 is FeetHarpist's favourite

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