Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The silence of the lambs have come to an end.

If the sheep could talk, what would they say? This ancient question has been troubling the mankind for ages. There has even been movies about the non-talkative character of the lambs. Finally, the latest update of Rhythm Sheep shines a hint of light to this woolen mystery as the sheep are starting to talk!

"So, what do they say?" are probably already asking anxiously.

Well, to be as annoying as the TV shows that say: "we'll tell you right after the break" (and it doesn't even always mean the first break), I'll just say that play the updated Rhythm Sheep and find out.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shape Fitter birthday contest!

Shape Fitter saw the light of day exactly 1 year ago on a wintery Sunday evening (15.1.2012). To celebrate the 1 year old Shape Fitter, Turska Games organizes a birthday contest! Read the rules below and participate, it's free!

How to participate?
Step 1: Select your favourite Shape Fitter level (list below) and send the number and the name of the level to the following email address: with a title "Shape Fitter 1 year old".

Step 2 (optional): Give a short, medium length, or long explanation why the level is your favourite.

Step 3 (optional): Sit back and wait nervously for the results.

Contest categories
1. "Great minds think alike"
The winner of this category will be picked randomly from the people who chose the most common favourite level.

2. "Speech is silver, creativity is gold"
The winner of this category is selected based on the explanation of the favourite level (step 2). 

Only one entry per person. The contest ends 31.1.2013 at 23:59:59 GMT.

The winner in both categories will be sent an official custom made Turska Games postcard! Yes, I mean a real physical postcard via snailmail.

List of Shape Fitter levels
1: Hello world!
2: Rotation
3: Getting started
4: Coffee?
5: Bigeons
6: Diamond
7: Minimalistic
8: Music to my ears
9: Warming up
10: Perfect
11: Fill the holes
12: Spiky
13: Spiral
14: Pi
15: Symmetry
16: Eye
17: Flames
18: Cheesy
19: Hypotenuse
20: Rabbits
21: Figure of speech
22: Fishing
23: Banana
24: Hungry bird
25: Star quality
26: Tennis
27: Crossing
28: Lucky
29: Tiles
30: Smallest Giuga
31: Sailing
32: Armour
33: Sunset
34: Waves
35: Maze
36: Palindrome
37: Worms
38: Ocean
39: Dreams
40: Dream on
41: Full of it
42: Harshad
43: Beetle
44: Lean on me
45: Lean on meat?
46: Box it
47: Messy
48: Randomize
49: Pseudorandomize
50: Roman
51: Sideburns
52: Cyclone
53: Tie
54: On the road again
55: Rainbow
56: Rain bow
57: Like it or not
58: Leaking
59: Have a break
60: 60th decimal
61: Dr.
62: Run!
63: Window of opportunity
64: Cloud computing
65: Deja vu
66: Don't have a cow man!
67: Prison break
68: Piggy
69: Alpha
70: Slippery slope
71: Track
72: Bar chart
73: Watcher
74: River
75: Identical
76: Pisara
77: Oval
78: Snowman
79: Small is beautiful?
80: Landscape
81: Spruce
82: Tea time
83: Lock 'em up
84: Snowflake
85: Omelette
86: This side up
87: Cardiac muscle
88: You are here
89: Here you are
90: Candle in the wing
91: Problem?
92: Spraying
93: Final countdown
94: Shine
95: Elephant
96: Worm
97: Raindrops
98: Footprint
99: Camel ride
100: Master of the shapes

Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to make a sheep? Learn in 82 simple steps.

Ever wondered how to make a sheep? Watch this video and learn the dignified skill of sheep making in only 82 easy-to-follow steps.