Tuesday, February 5, 2013

About Metka Games

Metka Games is a "relatively" small but agile fish in a big pond of Android developers. To be more precise, it is a one-man show whose mission is to create: "Awesome games for awesome people".

This blog is the central place providing info about new games, updates, contests and other things related to Metka Games and its games. To keep in touch, follow this blog or select you favorite social media from the contact page.

Do you like what you are seeing?

If you want to support Metka Games and see the games being developed further and not being buried into the endless sea of Android games and apps... there are few simple things you can do:
+1, tweet, share & rate if you want to support
  • Play the games
  • Give the games honest reviews and ratings in Google Play
  • Click the +1 button in Google Play
  • Tweet, like, share, comment, etc.
  • Tell your friends

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