Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Metka Games has published three games for Android devices.

Rhythm Sheep

The gameplay is simple: listen the rhythm and tap it as accurately as you can. You can test and train your rhythm skills with this game, but you don't have to be a musician to play it. However, if you are a musician, there are also some challenging levels... if you are up for it?

Want to read more? Check out the longer description and the extra material here: Rhythm Sheep description

Want to play it? Install the Rhythm Sheep Free or go straight for the full version.

Shape Fitter

Shape Fitter is simple, yet addictive, puzzle game. Fit all the shapes to the board in order to unlock the next level.

For more info, read the Shape Fitter description

Want to play it? Install the Shape Fitter Free or go straight for the full version.

Color Match

Match the color of the circle with the background color by tilting your phone. 

For more info, read the Color Match description

Want to play it? Install the Color Match Free.


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